OBJ exporting as watertight mesh


I’m attempting to export an OBJ file of a simple ring into the Forger program for sculpting on. When I import the shape breaks apart and will not sculpt and remesh correctly. I contacted their support and recommended I enquire about exporting a “watertight” mesh. In searching the forums it looks like this topic is likely related to the issue as well. Here are some examples of what happens in the forger app below. Any tips on how to overcome this or plans to address this? Thanks for the help! Love the app!!

This happens then when trying to remesh. I think thats on their end and who knows this could just not work?

Hi Kelsey, my best guess is that the solid body design exported from the app in OBJ format is not completely closed else you might have to re-mesh the body using a different CAD tool

Please send the design in Shapr format to support@shapr3d.com
We will investigate the solid body and then get back to you as soon as possible.

It’s just two circles that I extruded into a tube for a ring shape with a specific size for the inner diameter (17mm). The manipulations to the tube you see in the photo happened in once in the forger app. I just had a simple ring extrusion from 2 concentric circles. Should I still send a file as it’s just a basic shape? Any advice on the other CAD tool you may know of or any troubleshooting for people trying to sculpt on a CAD made in Shapr would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Hi Kelsey, we will like to take a look and it will be great if you can send us the file.

Dear Kelsey,
Did you have any info for this topic?
I’m also trying to import obj file from shapr3d to nomad to add some alpha stamps, but the result is messy…and if you try to remesh, getting worst…

thanks in advance