Import of Polymesh solids from Rhino in Parasolid or STEP files


Im trying to import a solid into Shapr3d in STEP or Parasolid formats. I can import the solid successfully however i cannot subtract from the solid or do any boolean operations in shapr3d.

The workflow is as follows:
Export from Delftship (Hull Modelling Software) in IGES
Import into Rhino, Join all surfaces to create a CLOSED Parasolid. No naked edges.
Export from Rhino in either STEP or Parasolid x_t
Airdrop to my IPad Pro 2018 and import into Shapr3d.

The solid shape appears, it allows replace face however any boolean operations fail e.g subtract. I can successfully complete a union with the solid however nothing subtracting for some reason.

I did the exact same process (from Delftship to Shapr3d) with a simpler shape such as an open cube and it worked fine.

Many thanks for your assistance.

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Nick Lyons

As i am a new user i cannot upload the files.

I reported the same problem to the guys: here is the link:

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Hi Nick,

would you be able to send the files to, we will take a look at it.

Thanks for your patience


I’ve done a bit more investigation on this. When extruding a new solid, the program won’t subtract from the imported object. If I create a solid in shapr3d separately, then move the solid over the imported object and use the tools→subtract the subtraction will complete.

It appears there is an issue with the automatic Boolean subtraction when extruding solids into imported objects.

Another issue I found is that it doesn’t appear the imported object functions as a solid correctly. I cannot fillet or chamfer any edges.

Hope this helps.

Nick Lyons

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Hi Daniel, any movement with this??? Its been 2 weeks now? Many thanks for your assistance.

Hi Nick - sorry about the wait. I’m aware we haven’t replied - please allow us a few more days.

Ok no worries, thanks for you help.