Unable to Subtract

I am loving Shapr3D so far, but this one issue is driving me crazy. I have a rather complex and large object that I need to subtract from. I have tried pushing the face down with a sketch, but it says “body generation failed after extrusion”. When I try to create a shape and then use the subtract tool, I get an error saying “the boolean failed”.

Here’s a link to a video of the issue: http://sendvid.com/zdxxhzd6

Any idea on how I can get around this?


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Unfortunately we’ve the same similar bothersome issues and nobody, team members, answered yet!

Hi Hamed - thanks for keeping on our toes :slight_smile: but it will be a different problem probably.

@American1776 The most likely problem here is that you would create a non-manifold body by the subtract operation. You can read more about it here https://www.sculpteo.com/blog/2017/10/18/how-to-fix-non-manifold-geometry/. I circled the problematic area for you:



Hi Daniel, wish you and the rest of the family best of luck. Btw, could you find the problematic issue for my case ?!

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Not yet, but I’ve reported it - I’ll look into what is its status tomorrow


Thank you very much Daniel. That was in fact the issue.

I presume it was considered a non manifold because those two lines intersected together at the edge. That’s surprising to me because those lines are semi-randomly overlayed on top of the surface. It was just a coincidence that the intersection happened to be so close to the edge that they were considered touching.

Thank you for the help.