Import STL Files

How can I on the iPad imprt STL Files. I want to download STL files form the internet to the ipad, and import to SHARPR. is there any ipad app, to convert STL to STEP?

There is no direct way currently to import STL. You have to convert STL to STEP first and load the STEP to Shapr3D:

Convert STL to STEP.

  1. Download FreeCAD:
  2. Load STL to FreeCAD
  3. Convert to STEP format

You can find the detailed conversion steps here:

Load STEP to Shapr3D

  1. Install Shapr3D
  2. Import the STEP file

Takes a few extra steps, but it should work.

Thank You, I did this in the past, but FreeCAD ist not running in iPad. I need mobile or online Converter.