Off topic a bit- converting a file question

Hey guys, this is a bit off topic but figure someone here may be able to help me.

So earlier while working on a project in Shapr3D I found I screwed up a lot of measurements and decided to revert to the oldest known good model I had exported.

Low and behold to my dismay I realized it had only been .stl file I had saved and exported. Obviously not something I could re-import too Shapr3D.

From what I understand you can use freecad trial to convert a .stl File. back into a .step, the issue is I already tried this couple months back and used my trial. Does anyone know a way I could convert this .stl to get my file back to work on Shapr3D?

As for just opening the old file on Shapr3D ,I deleted it prior to realizing I had only exported as .stl hence my dilemma.

You won’t be able to create any usable models from STL files unfortunately :frowning: You can read more about this here:

Currently we don’t have an official solution for converting .stl to .step.

But you can try these:

  • convert it with another program (like Solidworks) or ask someone who has access to these
  • use freecad with another (new) account maybe

Here’s a checklist how to convert from .stl to .step in FreeCAD:

But there is no guarantee that the conversion will be successful. STL is not a great, friendly partner in terms of conversion compatibility.