Importing DWG file into vector works / perspective drawing to Isometric Axonometric drawing

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone knows how to import into vector works… I am currently working on a 3D site model on my iPad because I find it’s faster and easier than doing it on vector works however (my DWG files don’t work) I have to make the final image in an isometric/axonometric view but Shapr3D only offers a perspective view, is there a wake to make the view an iso/axo and not a perspective ??? Thanks in advance !!

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Awesome stuff, would love to hear more abiut your project.

Yes, you can change the field of view:


Amazing thank you!! This saved me a ton of extra work… if you guys have an Instagram I will tag it once I’m done with the work :smiley:


We do, and we have 260k followers on Instagram :slight_smile: