Import vectors from affinity

Hi all,
I would like to buy a new ipad for my work. we create many 3D printed objects by extruding vector graphics. I read your forum but I did not find any new information about importing EPS, DWG, SVG directly into shapr3d.
My vision is to use the affinity designer to create closed vector objects and then use these vectors in shapr3d for extrusion.
Does it allow or will it support shapr3d importing vector graphics?
Thank you for answer



Shapr3D has no vector import yet. We have no ETA on that.

Hi! Is there a workaround? E.g. via PDF? I tried as it should be supported but it did not work for me. I just want to get a logo from Affinity Designer - nothing complex. Any idea?

I think it’s mentioned there that just a single page of .pdf file is supported to be imported. I suppose that your file is more than a page so Instead, I think you should have a screenshot of the logo and then import it into Shapr3D.

It is a single page PDF file and after import it shows up a pixel graphic instead a vector. I did check the PDF file and it does contain vector only. I need the vector information for my work. I am looking forward to find a workaround.

I think that would be normal behavior ofthe app but at the same time the support team could help you here. You can send your request to

Thanks for trying to help!

I wonder why there’s not even an ETA for a feature so frequently asked in the forum, so much needed by those who do CNC works, and that will really broaden the userbase of this wonderful app!

:wave: Hello Shapr3D Team

:question: I have a similar question. Can you please implement export to a vector file format functionality? I have an opposite workflow where I create 3D objects and would like to export a snapshot to Affinity Designer on the iPad and continue working with the lines there for presentations and showcase.

More export options would be great :100:

I double down on this feature as well