Improvement suggestions for Shapr3D


After I worked for a while with other 3D softwares and compared with this app, I guess may be users need more control on modeling processes, and here are my suggestions I hope it will be useful:

  1. More working on NURBS surfaces

  2. Sketches prefer to remain active for modeling processes like Loft, so the user had more control to changes the models shape.

  3. Ability to editing the models on the three main level [Vertices, Edges, and Faces].

  4. Ability to lock the layers, it’s so important when user working on schemes or blueprints and won’t miss in mistake with the image location.

  5. Showing sub layers in the same place as the main layers appear.

  6. Adding [array] function in more advance way, for instance choosing the number and the center of copies.

  7. Ability to adding textures to models, like importing images as a texture.

  8. Changing the work method of the eye dropper in color, it’s so confusing, also if user able to choose color from imported images, it will be so helpful.