Incompatible design issue

Everything is going haywire, it says im on the wrong version, but I can’t find a newer version than 5.301, also every time i go for support it brings me to the internet asking me to pay, or it ask to verify my email, and i do, and it shuts down my connection.

When i click on ok it sends me to the App Store then it sends me back to shaper then i click ok then it sends me to the App Store, same with support, it puts me into a dead end circle

Someone else posted about also having that issue. The support team will be able to take care of this once they see your posts.

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Yep, the support offered is 1st rate

I just realized it was you made the other post as well.

Test flight was my problem


I have the same issue today.
Is there an illustration or where to find the it about how to solve this issue?



It depends on the platform. On iPad and Mac, go to App store, search for Shapr3D, and update the app (you can also reach it directly by clicking on the link in the app).

On Microsoft store, it is a little bit more complicated, here is an article about how to do it:

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According to your method, this problem has been solved and I can continue my design.

Thanks a lot.

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