Incompatible version

What is the latest version of Shapr3D supposed to be, having issues with incompatible version from ipad to Windows again my ipad version is Version 5.380.0 (5181) Windows version is 5371.5151.0

Thank you


Did you update the iPad app from Testflight? For Gamma testers, 5.380 is the latest version.

yes, but the Microsoft store show as no new update

Hey there danno, I’m Marton, the QA lead at Shapr3D. Please write an email to me to and I’ll personally handle your case. Thank you!

Marci have you had any progress on the incompatible version issue I am having, I did send you a email about this this morning.

Thank you

Shapr3D team are in Europe. Perhaps time difference.

Marton did you get my latest email:

So I uninstalled the TestFlight and reinstalled Shapr3D from the App Store which is version 5370.0.5136 but my windows version is at 5380.5186.0 and now some of my designs synced to my iPad are telling me “incompatible design” because they were last updated on my windows. What can be done to fix this issue now. Please advise

Thank you

Yes, I did, and sent you the instructions. Your problem should be solved for good now. :slight_smile:

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Yes the incompatibility issue seems to be fixed now thank you for your help.

Thank you

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