Incomplete elements when importing dxf files into AutoCAD

I made the drawing on shapr3d and imported the .dxf file into AutoCAD. The majority of the elements are missing. How do I fix this, please?

See the images below to see what the import should be and what it is.


Hey @craj! Can you please upload the .dxf file here or send us in a support ticket?

Just opened a ticket because it doesn’t let me upload .dxf files here. You should see a ticket with the same subject line as this post. Thanks!

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Thanks, I got that. Can you please check the file? I just opened it in another CAD software and it does not contain the curves.

I removed the outer circle but I don’t know why the dxf export from Shapr3D is incomplete and does not have the rest of the inner channels. This is what I need help with. :slight_smile:

Oh, in this case, please please send me the Shapr3D design! :slight_smile:

If you just want to know what the design looks like, look at the image on the left labeled “Screenshot of Shapr3D (This is the complete design)” in the main post. If you want the Shapr3D design file, which format do you prefer?

I’d like to give a try the whole export flow and check the exported result. Please export your design as a Shapr3D design, it will have a .shapr extension.

OK, as anticipated the portal doesn’t let me upload the .shapr file here. But I am having issues opening a ticket too with the link you provided earlier. It is not letting me log in (I tried changing my password too). Is there a way I can email you directly?

sure, please send it to

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