Can't import some dxf files

I have a full version for iPad and a beta fpr macOs.I tried both but I can’t open some dxf files saved by AutoCad. When I try to import them I see the rotating shapr3d logo on top of the window and it keeps on rolling and rolling and nothing happens. So I have to restart the app. Can someone help me? ! Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 18.50.38|690x459

Hi, that means Shapr3D is working on the file import. If your drawing is ordered onto layers and has colors in it, it may take some time to get the file imported properly.
If you could upload the file or contact us at, we are happy to help you

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Thanks a lot. I sent you one sample file as dwg and dxf to the mentioned mail address… It would be great to get back a usable version of the file if possible.
Do you plan to add line weights and colours to shapr3d (for lines and sketches) ? For example since Rhinoceros added this, it made the software great for 2d construction plans. Sure it’s a 3d programm but as an indsutrial designer we don’t only work with 3d supporting companies. There are still a lot of other manufacturers using 2d plans only. So it helps a lot to be able to draw both in one software. By the way I’m positiviely impressed of the software. I’m testing and testing ! :slight_smile: thanks a lot!