Individually select sides

How do you individually select each section of the side? These items are meant to be separate entities.

Looks like you have selected a face on the body.

By sections do you mean the individual blue areas on either side of the darker blue lines?

If so, those are part of the sketch that made the body. They are no longer part of the body. To select them, hide the body, or simply move the body to reveal the sketch.

Once a body is made from a sketch, they are separate entities. No longer part of one another.

Kindly disregard if I have misunderstood what you mean.

Thank you for your reply,
I am wanting to select the box separately from the legs so that I can change the materials and colour as the box is metal and not wood like the legs.

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The legs would first need to be separate parts from the upper body. Then you can apply metal material to the legs and a different material to the body.

How do I do that? Especially if I can’t select them separately.

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You need to use the Split Body tool to separate your model into multiple bodies.

  • Select the face to split along
  • Click “More”
  • Click “Split Body”
  • Select the body to split
  • Accept the operation

If you don’t have a face in the right plane, you can create a reference plane

  • Select a reference surface
  • Click “Add Plane”
  • Adjust the plane position as needed
  • Then proceed as above, but use the plane as the splitting entity, instead of a face.

Here’s a video that should help. It demonstrates the method that uses the reference plane, but you can skip creating the plane if you have a face in the right spot already. In the video’s example, I didn’t need the plane, I could have just split the body using the face, but I wanted to demonstrate the extra step.

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