Intro to modeling problem

Brand new to Shapr3D. In fact, never heard of it until Inheritance Machining referenced it. Have manual drafting experience back in the 60’s. TurboCad, Then AutoCad Lite and now Drafsight. All in 2D. Never got the hang of 3D in AutoCad or Fusion, although I tried. Basically self taught.
Using Shapr3D on a MAC desktop. Love it so far. Already makes sense.
I’m into the Intro to Modeling part 1, about 20 minutes. Made the model, extended the plane above it and the drew the sketch and extruded it through the body, Exactly duplicating the video. I am left with 2 bodies. Can’t find the missing piece. The video reference "sketch fill’ which I don’t have. It also shows clicking on the bodies and a box pops up, which I haven’t been able to do.
Where have I gone wrong? Spent last night trying things, but no good. Now I can do a work around to make that piece, but that isn’t the problem. Appreciate any help you can supply. Thanks. Chewy

Hey @chewy, welcome to Shapr3D!

Can you share some screenshots of your model and the time stamp of the video where you discovered the difference?

I will have to recreate the drawing later today. You can follow the steps on the Intro to modeling part one.

Intro to Modeling in Help section. Part 1 about 8:25 minutes.
Screen Shot 2023-12-29 at 10.11.31 AM

Everything is to the video up to this point. Only thing I found is that were he says control-1 it is Command-1 on MAC. I guess that the purpose of this is to show how to fill in a missing section to make a body. Don’t know. He references “sketch fill” at one point and clicking on the dimension for options. Neither one works on this version.

I see, thanks for the image! Before finishing the extrude tool, tap on the small blue icon next to the dimension label and change the extrude type from the Subtract option to Intersect.

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The blue button only shows after you start to extrude. I found it by accident on another tutorial. Thanks.