Rookie Mistake

Hi - coming over to Shapr3D from Fusion360 and I really like it - especially since I just got a new IPAD Pro. I designed a part to print out for my bike and overlooked that I was dealing with radius and not diameter. So when printed the part was twice the size I expected. Just took me a minute to figure that out and fix it - but what I didn’t notice was that when I turned the extruded body parts back on they didn’t realign to the fixed sketch. I found that out when I sliced it. So I went back into the app and hid the previously extruded parts and re-extruded. Shouldn’t the extrusions have automtically realigned to the sketch?


Shapr isn’t parametric like fusion do adjusting the sketch won’t affect bodies.

Ok thanks.


This brings up a good point for a feature request - the ability to choose between radius and diameter mode either by default or selecting an option. I’ll look around the forums for the feature request pages but thought I’d make note here since I have done the exact same thing on our laser cutter.

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I’ve been demanding that since I got the app over 2 years ago. Holes in the real world are defined by their diameter and having to do math to specify a critical dimension when I’ve got a damn supercomputer in me hands is absurd. But they still won’t give a time frame for this fundamental feature.