iPad - 4.4 - New tools & 2D drawing updates

Hi everyone!

We’re introducing handy new features and much-needed touch-ups in version 4.4 :star_struck:

  • Redesigned Color tool
    Add color to your design without a hitch. For details on the new UI, go over to the Manual.

  • Area selection
    Click anywhere in the design space and drag your pointer across the screen to easily select or cross-select items. You can press the Tab key to cycle through filters and customize the selection—all items, bodies only, points only, edges only, faces only.
    If you drag to the left, you can select items that cross the selection box.

    If you drag to the right, you can select items that are fully contained in the selection box.

  • Dimension precision for 2D drawings
    Customize the level of precision for linear and angular dimensions. Click sheetPreferences.png to open Drawing Preferences , and specify the precision level in the Dimension Precision section.

  • Fix for DWG/DXF export
    When you export your 2D drawing as a DWG or DXF file, the exported file’s layers will be organized and simplified, so there won’t be any overlapping design elements.

  • In other news, we touched up the sketching tools and canvas controls so you can sketch comfortably, and we fixed a bug so that when you change the design space’s unit of measurement, all measurements of the items in it will be recalculated correctly.


The colour tool is amazing!!!


Hey @NathanD , check this out! As far as I remember you really needed the new drawings features :wink:


Am I correct that the enhanced selections are not pencil compatible and only available with mouse and keyboard?

Not yet. We are testing different interactions for the Pencil, and it’s coming soon.

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Glad it’s on the roadmap. The pencil interaction is what makes the app for me.


We arenot neglecting it. We just thought that if we have it ready for mouse we should release it. It’s a bit trickier to implement it properly for Pencil.


@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D thank you, and the team!
I’m going to update right now and give it go!


Hey there. dunno if you ever used Adobe Illustrator on ipad. There we have the Finger circle which is moveable on the screen where ever you push that to. it is for the finger during we use our Apple pencil…
The function: one press (Indicates the act with brighter color) it act as ctrl key, press and swipe outwards- it grows to the edge of the circle and fills it completely works as alt key.
so we can react at each tool we are using with this circle and delete the need of Mouse.
if can upload if you like some screenshots.
this moveable circle would be the solutions for all who just like-love to use hand and mouse only.
cheers, Berkan.


I’d love to see a tutorial on creating that differential in Shapr3D

Total agree the app was built around interaction with fingers and a pencil. Moving away from this which you appear to be more and more turns this into another sketch desktop app. Be warned

We are not moving away from it.

A suggestion in case it isnt already on the table: use the existing “double tap” eraser tool behavior as a one-time modifier from “sketch” behavior to “select” behavior, which resets itself every time the pencil tip leaves the screen after an interaction. Seems like a solution that piggybacks on already integrated user behavior and software architecture from whatever my viewpoint is worth.

You mean the double tap on the Pencil, that the second generation Pencil introduced, right?

Yessir, that would be the concept. Exclusionary to some to be sure, but something I’d wager isn’t an issue for the majority of your user base that’s on a paid plan. An idle suggestion, for what it’s worth. Or perhaps utilize the double tap gesture to bring up a radial menu at the pencil’s last known location to provide a quick series of options. The double tap gesture is under-utilized across the app for the benefits it could offer, if you’ll pardon my saying so

Yeah, we tried, doesn’t work. What we’ve seen is that people keep accidentally trigger the double tap action, and it makes them think that the app is buggy. It’s a very hidden feature, most Pencil owners don’t even know about it. :frowning:

I found myself fiddling around and tapping the pen when I lost concentration and thinking about how to solve things, so it would be pretty stupid to link functions to the tapping on the pen….



I find the double-tap gesture to be unnatural and difficult. Some of that may be the arthritis in my hand, but I’m perfectly happy not utilizing that feature. Something maybe more useful would be the ability to tap the opposite end of the pencil on something to change modes, which would of course require a hardware change. I can flip it over in my hand pretty quickly.

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The new selection tool works with the touch pad on the Magic Keyboard. :smiley:

We’re not most pencil owners.

I use GoodNotes too

I have had every iPad they have come out with.

The pencil is awesome, but I also bought a reMarkable. I bought all the bells and whistles including the upgraded pencil. Their version has the eraser on the back end. Just flip it over and add pressure……it has a flexible “squishy” feel like a eraser. It really works.

Unfortunately the tablet did not have what I was looking for. My youngest son uses it for notes in school. Perfect for him. I’m jealous of his pencil.

Charges by dam magnets too……all my ipencils have died because of arc marks eating the plastic off….