iPad - 4.6 - Area Selection tool for Apple Pencil

Hi everyone!

4.6 is out :rocket:

That means it’s time to get in gear with your Apple Pencil. You can finally use the Area Selection tool with the Apple Pencil, not just the mouse or trackpad. Simply long-tap the screen and drag right or left to select a handful of items in the design space at once. For more details, hop over to our article.

What’s more, we reworked some features:

  • We removed live chat support from the app.
    Judging by the numbers, most of you won’t miss the live chat. But those of you who will miss the chat… don’t be alarmed. You can still contact our Support team if you need help. Just ask your questions here or email the team at support@shapr3d.com.

  • When you select a 3D body in the design space, you’ll see the body’s name at the bottom of the screen, along with the related measurements.

    FYI, you can rename bodies in the Items manager.

  • Every time you hover over sketch fillings’ center points in 3D mode, they’ll be highlighted — even if you’re not actively using any sketching tool.

  • If you’ve searched for commands while sketching, you probably noticed that the search bar would also suggest commands that aren’t actually usable in sketch mode. We made sure the search bar will make sensible judgements from now on and only show sketching-related commands in sketch mode.

  • The Project tool will no longer act up when you try to project a face with a filleted edge onto a construction plane. If you need a refresher on the tool, here’s an article for you.

  • For those of you who prefer using the Area Selection tool with the mouse or trackpad, we squashed a bug in the backend that made the tool a bit glitchy.


The area selection tool is awesome!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Brilliant!! Going to be a huge time (and frustration) saver.

A small bonus is that you can also now select a ‘hidden’ face where one object abuts another.

Many thanks to the team.


At long last! You were right @Istvan, the pencil selection was worth the wait.
Keep up the good work.


game changer :man_dancing:


Can’t wait to try it at home this evening.

I love it:) I also like that you can add to the selection.
But maybe also add a deselect option too? For the times you add to many and you do not want to start all over


Wow! This feels great. Well thought out and very smooth to use. :+1:

Will grouping bodies be a consideration?

That is brilliant and finally makes this app truely functional. Nice work!


How do you mean @Oregonerd?
Grouping after selection in the Items manager is already possible. Just select your bodies, and hit the + button in the bottom of the Items panel to add all to a new folder.


Good feature, but not well thought through. This leaves only the double screen tap for full body selection, which is problematic to say the least. I miss the long click for solid body selection, and it would be nice to have the choice. I suggest using the pencil’s in-built double finger tap to switch between the two. I posted a thread on this here before I realised this was featured in an announcement: Annoying new iPad/Apple Pencil select features


I’m not a fan of the finger tap. The way I hold the pencil, it’s awkward.


An alternative could be a thumb hold on the screen with the off hand. I have seen this in several of the Adobe products as well as others where a semitransparent movable toggle button is left on-screen to act as a tool modifier.

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Grouping as in locking a group of bodies together as one. Group/Ungroup items.

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Ich kann mit diesem Tool überhaupt nicht arbeiten.
Ich brauche oft einfache Quader mit denen ich schneide.
Davor konnte ich den Quader durch längeres Halten markieren und mit den Pfeilen per Drag and Drop positionieren.
Somit bitte ich das bei mir das Update zurück genommen wird oder ich die Funktion ausschalten kann.

Beste Grüße Michaela

Hi Michaela, just double tap on the bodies with the Pencil to select them.

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Is there a plan for Lasso selection too? Would be awesome


Nice feature!!!


Easily the most important new feature in a long time, thanks team!