New iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro and Pencil are really really cool in my opinion :slight_smile: The new Pencil features a new gesture: you can double tap on it’s side. What feature (in Shapr3D) can you imagine for that gesture?


Yes WOW that engine WOW that pencil :pencil2:
I think both “redo/undo” and “camera repositioning to 3D isometric view” or “showing each 2D view with any double tap” would be great.


Undo will be nice :slight_smile:


At fist I thought the same but now it seems to me that camera repositioning and switching between 2D views would be the greatest. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have just set up my new iPad Pro and pencil. Very happy with it!
It is very intuitive to double tap the pencil.
Could the double tap be used to select the “next” selection on the options to subtract, intersect etc.
Or when there has been no menu selection the double tap could “undo” the last action.
Or a double tap could bring up a view selector menu which could point to the standard views and additional named views.
Keep up the good work guys.
And thanks for all the great features so far.

Best wishes


I went to the apple store last night to buy the new ipad pro, could not decide on size/storage, do you recommend 11’’ or 12.9’ ? will 64GB be enough ? my use will be mainly Shapr3D. Thank you !

Larger displays make hands exhausted if not laid on a surface, they make fairly large torque; also again when in hands, I desired the display to be more far from face while checking mails and surfing in social networks or watching clips. I used to have a 12.9 for 2 years but now satisfied with the 10.5 using it for a year. I suggest 11 for this reason since I am going to buy it. 64GB is good if you use cloud storage otherwise 256 or 512 is strongly recommended I think.

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You have been missed! :wink:


double tapping for next,I think is the best.

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Does the app fill the screen on the new 12’9 screen or does it need an update?

Transparency is temporarily broken on the new ipad :triumph: we will fix it next week.

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I would love to see the double tap being used as a shortcut to summon the tool or transform menu, for let say if we want to quickly use boolean union or offset a face. It may also be a nice opportunity to introduce some sort of tool that behaves like a lasso tool, which we can use to either select one or multiple objects. I think the possibilities are endless, but I could see this double feature almost become like a right click on the mouse.

I do not own the new iPad Pro yet but I am planing on upgrading in the near future as I am still using the first gen IPad Pro :slight_smile:


I completely agree DeoAM
Your description of the right click on the mouse is how it feels.
I have used the new pencil for a couple of days on a sketching job. Every time I pick up the old pencil I am tapping away on its side wondering why it was not working.
The development team are sure to come up with ways to use the tap feature we haven’t thought of yet. No pressure guys keep up the good work. You can sleep when you are finished :joy::joy:
Best wishes


I upgraded form the 1st gen to the new one and it feels like it is 10x faster than the old one. Crazy fast.


Could it me made so that whichever double tap function is desired is decided by the user?
I can see multiple different uses of double tap depending on what tool is used, even a context like menu =)

I received my new 11” iPad Pro but have to wait a while for the New Pencil to arrive. Helas…l

That’s a common idea, me too!

For the first time it felt a bit clumsy for me too, but you can get used to it, and after a while it becomes natural. It’s a pity that any feature that we may attach to it, would be more or less hidden. Probably making it configurable would make sense.


Lots of good suggestions above for the pencil double tap, including “undo” and “next”, also view selection would be nice. In any event, I strongly agree with the people who asked for it to be user selectable (including “no action”). No one action will please everyone or work well in their workflow.

Having said that, and speaking only for myself, I’m trying to visualize what would be the most “efficient”, i.e. save me the most time and wasted movement. With that in mind, I suspect that view selection would be the best. The UI is already fairly well optimized to use your pen hand for drawing and movement, and your non-pen hand for menu and tool selection. As a right-hander who holds the iPad in my left hand, I find that my thumb is already near undo/next/tool etc.

On the other hand, the view menu/status icon is not near my left thumb or even necessarily near my pen/right fingers. This is not a complaint. It should NOT overwrite or otherwise clutter up the “tool” side of the UI. But that means that, on average, my pencil will be half a tablet’s width away from the icon since my pencil will be used in the drawing area most of the time. And then, view selection is usually a two step process — move to the icon and tap, and then move to the desired view and tap.

I’d like to suggest a circle menu similar to other programs that I have seen. In other words, with out needing to move the pencil, a double-tap could bring up a circular array of the view choices (“top/bottom/right etc.) near the pencil tip so that minimal movement (or time) would be required.

Of course, I do realize that this would require more coding time than a more straightforward “if double-tap, then perform already existing action”, but perhaps the double click menu could be a pro feature.


I have limited experience with tablet solid modeling, but have plenty of experience with UGNX, Inventor, etc. So far a zoom extens is what I find myself fumbling with most. Maybe with time this will get better, but loving the app so far. Pretty amazing what can be done on a tablet these days.

The double tap is pretty useful in the other apps and has many possibilities in Shapr3D. Looking forward to see what you guys come up with.


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