Ipad mini for shapr3d?

Hello I am new to the community and wondering if I can use shapr3d on the new iPad mini for modelling? Or do I need the iPad pro? planning on expanding my work on the go instead of being stationary to one place. would need to bring my work with me.


iPad minis are supported from mini 4, but that one doesn’t support pencil, so you need a keyboard / trackpad / mouse with it.

Otherwise, they work fine, within the limitation of hardware. They are obviously smaller, so you have less screen space to work with, weaker CPU, and a lot less memory which limits how big models you can work with.

For relatively simple designs, they work well, if you are planning to work on complex models, with thousands of bodies, you should aim for the Pro models.

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I got one of the ”newer” iPad minis and it works just great :slight_smile:

Ipad mini 6 is perfect for Shapr3d!

I actually use that one more for shapr3d than ipad pro 2018