iPad screen and keyboard not responsive

Hi Guys,

for some reason I find that the screen and keyboard are not responding to my touch. I hear clicks from the keyboard but the letters do not appear. also I try to pan or rotate and I can’t or very choppy.

I read somewhere that it might have something to do with the Apple Pencil interface.

Any thoughts?

This has been happening often with me as well. In my case it is worst with the pop up keyboard. However, I also notice that temporary freezing or jumpy behaviour is happening more and more. I see it being an Apple problem because I’ve noticed it is happening with other app’s as well. I also bought a new iPhone 8 recently and am having constant problems with the fingerprint recognition only working for a couple of days. I guess what I’m saying is that Apple has an interface problem as far as I’m concerned. The concept of paying a premium price for something that is no longer superior does not sit well with me and I’ve been an Apple user with multiple devices for many years. That may change.