Apple Pencil issues

Recently my Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting when I take the slightest second to zoom or adjust my designs, and takes a solid second or so to reconnect (causing delay and unregistered movements). Is there a fix for this? It only started recently and it’s really messing things up for me, causing such difficulty using the app that it’s nearly unusable due to frustration.

When this first occured my pencil was low battery so I suspected that may be why (maybe it disconnects to save battery, or something). However I have since charged the pencil and it happens on full battery too. I have checked for iPad battery too and it doesn’t seem to matter (happens regardless).

In addition this doesn’t happen in any other application. I have tried plugging the pencil in to reconnect/recalibrate it but to no avail. I have also restarted my device, checked for both iPadOS updates AND Shapr3D updates. All updated to latest version.

If it matters I am using an iPad 8th gen with Apple Pencil 1st gen.

If there is no fix for this or any solution, I’m unsure if I can keep using the software; it’s just too inconvenient… :confused: I really enjoy using this software so I genuinely hope there is a fix for this.

Thank you in advance for any advice or tips!

Hi! Sorry to see that you have troubles, could you please open a ticket and send us a video about the issue at:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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