iPad Stylus (No Apple Pencil) - No Lines

Shall I assume that this app does not work with anything other than an Apple Pencil. I have tried every angle and setting and I cannot even draw a single line with a stylus that works perfectly in all of my drawing and sketching apps.

Please clarify. No answer for this simple question online…

I am reading that an iPad Pro is required as well. I have an iPad Air 2. Is that the reason that I am unable to create lines or shapes?

Hi! Yes, you need an iPad pro with an apple pencil to be able to create shapes in Shapr. Otherwise it functions as a viewer.

Unfortunately there is no setting in the app store that allows us to limit the availability of the app to only iPad pros :confused:

Tamas hi and thanks for the response. Can you tell me what is unique about iPad pros that is not present in other iPads? My understanding was screen quality and size.

Hi, from our FAQ:
The iPad Pro is a handheld device with desktop-grade computing power. It handles most of the models we throw at it, while maintaining an amazing level of precision when drawing or designing models. It also has a huge screen, perfectly suitable for modeling and design work. The Apple Pencil is also a huge advantage - it’s the most advanced stylus we have ever used on a mobile device. Basically, the iPad Pro was meant to be used by designers and engineers - and that’s exactly why we chose it.

Basically no other iPad has the power to run Shapr. Also, no other stylus comes close to Apple Pencil. These are the main reasons.

Istvan, I am an Architect in the States, a Mac expert and very experienced with CAD and Modeling applications, namely Vectorworks and Cinema 4D (OSX / Mac OS). Apparently there is a technical difference with the iPad Pro versus the iPad Air 2.

I did see one video where someone was using a stylus like the one I have (MEKO) though I will assume it was an iPad pro they were using. Therefore an Apple pencil is preferred though not mandatory. The only response I get is the background grid moves when I use the stylus and does not allow for the creation of any content whatsoever. There must be a technological distinction with the iPad Pro that is not present in the iPad Air.

Honestly, I find your membership business model a bit troubling as well. Even if I were to purchase an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I am not sure I would be willing to pay you annually or monthly for access to your app. I would prefer in-app purchases instead that extends features. I realize that you are targeting a smaller market by so did SketchUp when they first came out and now it’s being used by many millions of non Architects and Engineers since Google purchased it.

I currently use several different drawing apps including Morphello, 53, Concepts and Procreate. I’m certain that the iPad Air2 could easily provide the computing power needed to run your app.

Thanks, John

I am really sorry that Shapr3D is not a good fit for you. We do our best, however we can not satisfy everyone. If we could, we would support other iPads. Unfortunately we can’t. We wouldn’t shoot ourselves in the foot if supporting other iPads would be possible.
The video you saw was created before the iPad Pro was released, and it was a barely functioning tech demo.

Well, I think Sketchup has a similar application, I will use that instead.

Don’t be shootin’ yourself. That might be painful. :slight_smile:


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Well SketchUp doesn’t look like they’re interested in making apps for iPad or android at the moment, so Shapr3D has made the best alternative. I think they are doing very well considering they don’t have the google resources.

Yes, but for Architects like myself that DO NOT HAVE an iPad Pro, this remains one of the few choices. I primarily use a desktop including Vectorworks and Cinema 4D. I was interested to use you app for quick 3D concept sketches but am unable to. I was told earlier today, “We can not please everybody.”

Hello, I’m a new Shapr3d fan, but I have a question:
any possibility to use an Adonit stylus instead of a Apple pencil ?

Thank you

Hi, no, unfortunately it is not. You need an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to use Shapr3D.

Since the last Answer on this question has been a while,
I will ask again whether there is an update coming that will allow to use other pencil distributors than apple with the apple pencil?
Wouldn’t it be wise to have more operators that can also use their hardware that already exist?

I’m a design engineer (mostly for hobby) from germany and I’m really looking forward to use your new app. :slight_smile: Just 1 more month to wait. I want to fullfill this dream to my birthday in the beginning of august.

It would be wise, but unfortunately technically not feasible. We are not idiots, if we were able to ship Shapr to older iPads, we would do it. We just can’t. No conspiracy here, it is not that Apple or anyone else is forcing us to do that, it is just not possible to do that. iPad Pros are much more powerful than other iPads, old iPads just can’t handle the workload.

I see this from a different perspective than those wishing it works with the earlier and non-Pro iPads. I also own an iPad Air so would have much preferred to not spend just over $2k (tax and exchange incl.) However, I need an app. that is very capable from the outset and also has room to grow. Therefore, having an app designed from the ground up with the powerful iPad Pro being the lowest common denominator means to me that Shapr3D offers enough powerful features for me to accomplish everything I need right now precisely because it’s not limited by needing to work on the much less powerful iPads. Sure, I’d like photo realistic rendering and background but I believe that will come to Shapr3D in time and, it’s my understanding that I can import my work into other apps for that purpose in the meantime. Now I’m just waiting for my new iPad Pro 2 12.9" to arrive!

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would you give me the advise to buy the new 10.5 Ipad Pro or can I stay with the 9.7 Pro?
I know its coming with the new A10x chip and with 4 GB RAMS instead of 2 GBs, but is it a big difference for SHAPR3D?
Like I was saying I will mainly aim to buy the Ipad because of you guys and your amazing App!

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It does make a big difference. Without question I would buy the 10.5.

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While you might already own a stylus, why would you want to use it when it will be vastly inferior to what the Apple Pencil can do? I have tried every known high-end stylus on the market, as well as many high-end drawing tablets like Wacom, ect. None compare to the results I get from the new iPad Pro & Pencil combination. They were designed from the ground up to work together, and that’s one big advantage they offer.

The new A10X is amazing. Can’t wait for iOS 11 coming in a few months. Benchmarks show the A10X is better than many laptops. So glad there is finally products like this on the market, both Shapr3D and the iPad Pro / Pencil combination.

The 9.7 was good but can’t compare to the new 10.5 version. Think of the 9.7 as a Corvette (which is really good) and the 10.5 as a Maserati or Tesla (which is better).