Support for new iPad with Apple Pencil?

last week, apple announced a new version of iPad, like iPad Pro, that supports Apple Pencil. I wonder if I can use full functions of Shapr3D with the new iPad?

Yes, it is fully supported.

Great! It’s a much cheaper option. Thank you.

Wait, what model are you talking about? Apple announced the new “cheap” iPad in 2018, which is the first non-Pro iPad supporting active pencil. All the previous models do not support active Pencil only the iPad Pro.

This one…

Yes, this is supported. It was announced a week ago however.

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I was wondering if you are planning to support Shapr3D with any of the Wacom Styluses for the iPad.

I do not have the Apple Pencil, but a Wacom Bamboo Sketch, which has more functions with my other graphics applications for the iPad Pro.

And Shapr3D looks like it is a really nice 3D CAD application, but I would rather not have to buy an Apple Pencil when I already have the Wacom.


No, currently we don’t have plans to support any other stylus but the Apple Pencil.

Thanks for the reply.

I am having to buy an Apple Pencil as it is for other apps. So I suppose waiting a few extra days isn’t going to kill me.