Is switching from MacBook to iPad a step forward?

Hello All,

I am considering switching from a MacBook Pro to an iPad to design with Shapr3D, but have no experience drawing on a tabled.

My designs are simple to medium in terms of complexity. With that said, I realize that for the 3D printer the intervention of a macBook/Mac is desired.

Apple Pencil
There are currently three versions of the Apple Pencil for sale. 1st generation, USB-C and 2nd generation.

Between them, I see quite a price difference.
In addition, I see that the USB-C version is not pressure sensitive.

First question
Does Shapr3D make use of pressure sensitivity? In other words, is the purchase of the 2nd generation necessary to use all the functionalities in Shapr3D?

Second question
Are all functionalities on the iPad (IOS) version of Shapr3D equal or are there limitations compared to the Mac (OS) version.

Thanks in advance for your response.

I do all my Shapr3D modeling on an iPad Pro. I find it fast and easy to model with the Apple Pencil while at the same time using finger(s) for workspace navigation. I can do everything with one hand except when naming bodies and for exporting.

My basic workflow consists of modeling on the iPad Pro and exporting STL files to my desktop iMac via AirDrop for 3D printing. Likewise I can import files (3D files, images, etc) to my iPad also via AirDrop.

And the ‘pressure sensitivity’? Does Shapr3D make use of that you know?

Yes, you need the pressure sensitive feature of the Apple Pencil for sketching splines.

Thank you Mike (@TigerMike) for your addition.

All clear. I will wait for the release of the new iPad Pro and possibly a new pencil and then make the move. If the rumors are true, a new version will come out in March.

So still some more patience…

I prefer my Mac to my iPad. The iPad is too fiddly, especially the hand pressure rejection. The only area where the iPad is superior is the hover function with the Apple Pencil 2. I have a 2023 12.9" iPad Pro.

Hello @TheBum, Is there no way to adjust the sensitivity of your fingers or the pencil on the iPad (IOS settings) or in Shapr3D (program settings)?

I vastly prefer the iPad + pencil. Using the pencil to sketch directly and my fingers to change views directly is a lot more intuitive than using an indirect trackpad or mouse. I only make minor tweaks to designs from my MBP because of this.

I also started on iPad first, if that makes a difference.

For 3D printing I just export the file from Shapr3D to an iCloud folder where I keep STLs and open it in the slicer from my Mac.

@ssstraub That is good news.

Can you possibly give me an answer to the question regarding being able to set the sensitivity of the pencil on the iPad (IOS) settings or in Shapr3D (program settings)?

Is it possible to adjust this?

I am not sure what @TheBum is referring to by “hand pressure rejection”. That doesn’t sound like it has to do with sensitivity though.

What sensitivity are you looking to adjust? I have not had any issues with either “hand pressure rejection” or sensitivity. I’ve been using Shapr3D on iPad for over 3 years now. I have Pencil 2 and an 11" iPad Pro that is like 4 generations old at this point.

I was triggered by @TheBum’s comment. It was more curiosity :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it would be possible to set the sensitivity of clicking just like a trackpad on a macBook.
With a pencil I can so imagine the tapping (double tapping) and the pressure you have to apply to activate something could also be adjustable.

Overall, I read (including from you again now) only positive comments and experiences about using Shapr3D in combination with the pencil!

I don’t think it’s possible to change that, but it would also probably not be necessary. A trackpad only has that sensitivity adjustment for taps because you are controlling both the cursor and the “click” and it needs to know the difference. Whereas the pencil always registers a press when you touch the screen. I don’t think there’s a comparable need to adjust sensitivity.

If you haven’t used a pencil, I’d try it in the Apple Store. You don’t need Shapr3D to see how it is a very natural input device. Just open Notes and scribble away. :slight_smile:

A visit to the Apple Store is a great idea. Thanks for this suggestion!

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What I meant by “hand pressure rejection” is avoiding unwanted taps when resting my hand on the screen. I also don’t like the reaction when attempting to draw a sketch object and resting the starting point for too long.

@TheBum Thx Alon for your addition. For me everything is clear now.

As soon as the new iPads (expected in March) become available I will walk towards the Apple Store, test them and make my decision.

I have been using my iPad Pro/2nd Gen Pencil since starting with Sharpr3D and that is going on 4 years now. I do lots of complicated sheet metal cabinets for fiber optics.
I have loved Sharpr3D since switching over from using Solidedge & Solid Works. My love for Sharpr3D increases with every new release.

The models I create go straight to our fabrication division to manufacture our products. I also use Sharpr3D for our marketing materials as it has a fantastic rendering capabilities.


I feel the hardest thing about shapr on the iPad Pro is finding the most comfortable position laying in bed, I just can’t find the perfect pillow ratio

I much more prefer it on tablet than PC


Using the ipad is like using paper and a pen. It’s just an approach that feels right and responds well

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@MichaeI Same here. Four pillows works for me :sunglasses:


Try using a thin silk glove with thumb and first two fingers cut off. Got mine at
It works great. My hand slides easily across the pad surface without causing any touch input.