iPhone Support?

why is there no iphone app? I have an iphone 12 pro max that I would love to use to design, like I did when I was using the Umake app on the app store. It’s a very similar app to Shapr3D only thing is I haven’t had luck printing exported models from Umake which is the only reason I switched to the app, now I find myself thinking that I should switch back and invest in an app that clearly understands the need for universal compatibility/accessibility to apps like these. The new iPhones are elegant powerhouses, it seems like a still distant dream to find an app that suits my needs exactly. I’m an entrepreneur not a hobbyist so this sort of thing is very important to me and I’d like know whether or not this is something the development team at Shapr3D is considering doing because I truly want seamless integration between the devices I work from. Being able to 3D model from my ipad isn’t that cool if i’m not really able to make THE most out of it.

Hi @phosforia, unfortunately we will never have an iPhone editor, as the iPhone does not support Apple Pencil and has a small screen to which our UI would not fit. However we will most likely have a viewer only application for the iPhone in the future. If you are looking for an 3D modeler for iPhone, Shapr3D is not the right choice indeed.

Looks like they heard you!

It’s on the internet so it must be true! :slight_smile:


How can a website called MacRUMORS be inaccurate??!?!



Never liked foldable phones idea
They seems unreliable :grimacing:
at least if they gonna make a tucked device
Rolling is a good idea :+1:


Yes I think you’re right. Anyone buying that would be a guinea pig.


After all the issues Samsung had with their foldable, I wouldn’t touch one with a 10-foot stylus.

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