Feature request: iPhone app for AR Visualisation

After trying out the WebViewer from my iPhone, I found the AR feature incredibly powerful for realtime visualisation. It would be great is there was an iPhone app specifically to use this AR feature to use on the go, as iPhones generally have better cameras than iPads. Hopefully this is on the future features list!

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Have you tried the Webviewer on your iPhone?

Yes but its much more convenient if there was a dedicated app for Shapr3d on iPhone.

Makes sense! Currently a native iPhone app is not on our roadmap. Until then the Webviewer is the best way to view and share your desingns on Android devices and iPhones.

Thanks, could it be added to the road map?

We are prioritizing roadmap items based on feature requests and strategic initiatives. If we see significant demand for it, we’ll add it to our roadmap.