iPhone 8 plus


If the IPhone 8 Plus uses a Apple Pencil, will there be a App for that device when the time come?


Very unlikely. We think it wouldn’t make too much sense because of the screen size.


please… we have to make this possible… the big question is… how can it be possible with a smaller screen size?

i think it is very useful for mini projects… since i use shapr and have a 3d printer, i think damn… why is there no possibility to run shapr on an iphone?

sometimes i sit in a cafe without my ipad pro but i have an idea… i dont want to write the idea down… i will start right now with sketching and modeling… i think it is possible… everything is possible…

clean UI… u see only the 3d model… u tap with the pencil on the screen and there pop off an option wheel… u can easly move throught ur options… what would u do? create sample objects like a cube? yes… u select ‚create‘ or an intuitive icon… then the first option wheel minized and transparency in the middle and there pop off another wheel… with the samples…
and so on…

what do u think?


I would disagree here. I would much rather development time be spent on the iPad Pro. Just my opinion though.


Well this seems to be a nonissue for iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. There was no mention of it during todays event.

No mention of it for the newly announced iPhone X either.


I am almost 100% sure they will never support the Pencil for the phones.


This only makes sense for such a small device, even the iPhone X will only be 5.8" which is rather small, especially for this type of work. Even if they did, I cannot think of one reason I would use it on my phone, and I am a very heavy user of the phone and apps. I use it more than my MacBook and my iPad.

I know I am only one user of millions upon millions, but I have to believe that many others feel the same way.


You’re right. IPad Pro will be the best. Hopefully they’ll make a new iPad next year that looks like the iPhone x .