iPhone 8 plus

If the IPhone 8 Plus uses a Apple Pencil, will there be a App for that device when the time come?

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Very unlikely. We think it wouldnā€™t make too much sense because of the screen size.

pleaseā€¦ we have to make this possibleā€¦ the big question isā€¦ how can it be possible with a smaller screen size?

i think it is very useful for mini projectsā€¦ since i use shapr and have a 3d printer, i think damnā€¦ why is there no possibility to run shapr on an iphone?

sometimes i sit in a cafe without my ipad pro but i have an ideaā€¦ i dont want to write the idea downā€¦ i will start right now with sketching and modelingā€¦ i think it is possibleā€¦ everything is possibleā€¦

clean UIā€¦ u see only the 3d modelā€¦ u tap with the pencil on the screen and there pop off an option wheelā€¦ u can easly move throught ur optionsā€¦ what would u do? create sample objects like a cube? yesā€¦ u select ā€šcreateā€˜ or an intuitive iconā€¦ then the first option wheel minized and transparency in the middle and there pop off another wheelā€¦ with the samplesā€¦
and so onā€¦

what do u think?

I am almost 100% sure they will never support the Pencil for the phones.

Youā€™re right. IPad Pro will be the best. Hopefully theyā€™ll make a new iPad next year that looks like the iPhone x .