Is color gone now that visualization is here?

I really like the new visualization feature, but after having set a material as black ABS, I can hardly see it on a dark background and the shading is all black when unselected.

When I model, I rarely use “material color”, but rather “functional color” to distinguish the parts more easily. Now with materials, I feel this option has gone missing, what do you think?


I agree! The thing is, Shapr3D announced that the most similar colour of whatever material is applied in visualizations will be displayed in editing mode. However, I think they should add a toggle between “colour similar to materials applied in visualisation” as well as “colour as choosen by a colour palette”. For me, even more options than this would be awesome. Say you could add an arbitrary amount of colour schemes and display them as you whish. This could be awesome when doing larger project and especially for construction purposes. Each layer of construction could then be ordered in different colours whilst still being able to switch to a visualisations of appropriate materials


Hello, we are aware of the problem that bodies with dark grey or black colors can be hard to see and interact with and we are planning to address it in the near future.

Do I understand correctly that you would like to set a different color in modeling and visualization? Or you would like an option to toggle this on or off?

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You can still use Visualization as a Color tool for “functional coloring”, if you keep the “Default Material” and only change the color value.

I’m not sure if you adressed me, but I’ll answer anyway^^

I’ll give two suggestions, one small and one big.

Say you want to test different sets of colours for a model, e.g. Yellow Bike with red tires and blue seat vs green bike with red tires and yellow seat. As of now, we need to duplicate the model and add colours to both bikes. I would be A lot better if we could have tags, much like in Mac OS. Each tag would then represent a set of colours.

I could then go to “tags–> create new tag named yellow bike” and “tags–> create new tag named green bike”. Now I could add whatever colours to my model in my current “tag” or working space. I could then just click the other tag and add different sets of colours.

Large one:

This solution would be IMMENSE for me and I’m sure for many other peoples. This is something that is related not only to colours but also the file system.

Example: In Mac OS you have folders and subfolders and so on. Imagine trying to organise a set of courses in University say. You would have folders such as, head folder: School, subfolder: subject, subsubfolder : stuff related to each course… and so on. Now, in each subject we might have a Digital book for each course. What if we want to scroll between all those books? We would have to go through each folder and find the book. In Mac OS you can add tags, so you basically click on a folder or file and add a tag. We could create a tag named “Books” which when selected would display all books…

A system much like this would be Huge for Shapr3d (I think). This way we wouldn’t be stuck using folder and subfolders to organise and amend stuff quickly, but have a much more dynamic setup. We could have a tag for specific items. Whilst the directories could be the same, tags would greatly increase the speed of selecting different sets of objects. If we built a tower, we could sort them by layers, specific materials, objects we might be uncertain about and so on.

Being able to combine these two would be the best, although I’m not quite sure how that would work out. Please tell me if my explanation is bad and I’ll provide a better one in combination with pictures.

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Hi Alex, yes - Different color option in modeling would be awesome. Sometimes I set colors based on what filament I have, but mostly I use whatever color gives me the best perception of the shape - usually grey, orange or purple (never blue since this is active selection).

Visualization for me almost feels like a separate app - Something to experiment with when not modeling.

I suddenly realize that no other app has this, so the request might be overkill, but jumping into visualization feels like a larger step “away” from the model than previous color option. I mean, an optimal scenario would be a button somewhere that only shows a color chooser for quickly setting color of selected objects.

Anyway, sounds like you already have some sort of fix in mind. Great work!

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Color is in within visualization

Yes I know, but the point being that once I choose a material to visualize the part, I’m stuck with that color in modeling. If I can’t see the part during modeling, I can’t really use that material efficiently. I would have to change back and forth whenever modeling or rendering.

I often used semi-transparency as a utility to check alignment of parts inside other parts or extrude a correct amount, so bringing that back as a separate modeling property unrelated to visualization would be awesome. In order to do that now, I have to select a different material that allows transparency. When I’ve done a bunch of setup of materials to faces, I’d prefer to not mess it up.

Related: You may already be thinking about this but it would be cool if you could save and swap between multiple material setups (skins) for a given model.


I completely agree!

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I hear you. You can make a part any color you want. So just “Paint” the part any color you want. I use bright colors as I am designing. I use a white background for my main editing background. Using a “DARK” theme for my main editing workspace makes it hard to see. I really, REALLY, REALLY love the VR FEATURE!!! I have tried it on a table and walked around my near final design. Zoomed/Walked in and out. This is so cool and helpful for me. I don’t see the material standard PLA Plastic. Just about every other material is there.