Visualization in Windows app

Today I updated the windows app and found the Visualisation functionality.
Nice, but…
Are you guys aware that when Visualisation function is on, the 3D cube to rotate the design is gone?
Quite unfortunate.

Hey! Indeed, the orientation cube is not there, but please don’t forget that you can rotate the camera by mouse & keyboard interactions too:

@KPeter Yes, thanks, but I still think that for consistency sake it should be there.
There is more that doesn’t work flawless with visualisation in Windows.
For objects that have materials defined, it shows the material, but when you click Change, it does not show you that specific material.
For instance I have stuff that had Anodized Aluminum in the past. I added some struff later and would like to use the same material but it is not in the list of used materials.

I really miss the option to copy a material used on a body to reuse it on another body or surface (or maybe I’m not seeing it).

On the top of the material list you can see the materials that are used already. You can drag and drop from there. Or if you click in Change, you can also choose from that list.

@Istvan Thanks Istvan, that I do know, but, if a body has multiple materials, I would think that these would show immediately at the top. They are now somewhere within the list of used materials.
I now have for my engine project a quite long list of materials and that makes working with it difficult. Therefore it would be great to have a feature like: select the material by pointing to a material on the body, in effect copying the material from an existing body (and not from the long list)

That’s a great idea!

Try the eyedropper while in visualization mode…

@Romulus369 @Istvan Thanks, but the eyedropper seems to copy a colour but not the actual material.
That’s why it says: Pick face color. So all it needs is a little extension for this feature, to not only copy the colour but also the material.