Is it possible to calculate a volume?

I’m sketching coffee cups and playing with various shapes & macro dims of these vessels but I’d like to stay close to my target volume of 12oz. …

In the attached screenshot, I’ve shelled this vessel. Would like to check it’s volume somehow. Ideas?image


It’s needed indeed!


If you subtract it from it’s bounding box, you can measure the remaining inner part’s volume.

The body was created through lofting. Do I need to generate a new bounding box to calculate this?

Yes, just simply extrude a box around it, with the same height.

A cylinder would suffice correct? When I think about this calculation, I want the external volume from the cylinder + the vessel volume… in order to calculate an internal volume?


Sure. The cylinder should be the same height as the other body. Then just subtract the other body from the cylinder and select the remaining internal part.


Awesome thanks

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@sahmed6363 It is now shown in the measurements tab, in the list of options in the sidebar.

This was done I believe to improve performance, so the calculations didn’t need to be performed every time a selection was made.

The good thing is now you can “pin” a measurement type to your model.


It would be a great feature if it would calculate Volume Measurements


It is available in the Measurement panel if you have bodies selected: