Is it possible to remove material into a corner?

im unsure of how to explain this but I want to make a cover to go onto the corner of something and im only new to this so I am struggling to work it out or even explain it, but basically I want to make something similar to this


any help would be greatly appreciated !

thanks Jake

The easiest way to do that, is shell. You can make the triangular extrusion, and use the shell tool as explained in this video.

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This is the actual part I’m trying to make image and it needs to be hollowed out.

How would I go about doing that?

You can make it simply from 3 parts: two sides and the bottom, can’t you?

It would help if you had a few more views in pictures. Not sure with only one picture.

Hi there. So this is what I did.
I always look for the simplest primitive to start with, in this case an extruded rectangle

From the Top (right side in pic) draw a rectangle which encompasses the shape. Use the offset tool to offset 3 sides by the material thickness, I used 3mm


Now extrude your ‘walls’ …


By placing construction planes on either long wall you can draw the geometry needed for you cutout shape


Cutout either side then go around and finish by filleting edges


This is only one way to ‘skin the proverbial cat’ and thats the beauty of direct modelling, there is no right or wrong way … only simple and difficult.

Hope this is of some use,


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Nice effort! Thanks for sharing…

You might try starting with a solid and use the Shell tool. It is quite powerful and might be useful for more complicated designs.



Yes agreed, the shell tool is more effective for this shape and saves extra 2d drawing, which is a good thing in my book … I misread the original post and didn’t realise it was a corner piece