Shear off bits

What’s the best way to shear off these protruding bits? I tried using offset for the rounded edge and made it a shape and extruded downward but I feel there might be a more precise way?

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Q: Is the hollow cylinder connected to the corner as one solid body?
What about the geometry near the center of the cylinder. Can you show this from a different vantage point?

They are separate pieces currently. it’s just a hollow tube. Nothing fancy. I suppose I could shear off the tube in a curve and re-align it I was just wondering if there was a way to do that without all the extra steps.

Hello again,

It is easy when they are still separate bodies. Subtract the base from the cylinder (keeping the base). Delete the remnant. In my video I then did a Union connecting the two and then punched a hole.


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Ooh yeah that’s much better. Thanks. I am still not fluent with the logic programs like these require and I feel I always do things the “hard” way so I like to ask.

Don’t feel alone. I started the same way. :slight_smile:

How did you make the rounded corner? I sketched circles and added lines and made them tangent to get a rounded triangle.

I like to keep sketches to a minimum. I tend to modify things downstream.


Yup. I totally did mine the hard way. Didn’t even think about it. When I got the program, it didn’t have the triangle tool so I forget about it. Ah well. Thanks for the help. Seems to have worked and now to test print it.

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The another way is, to use the “replace face“ tool…

I had completely forgot about that one. Thanks for the reminder.