Is there a poll?

Im curious if there is a poll on how many of the “paying customers” are enjoying this new updated version vs the previous version? I see a lot of people having issues and not enthused about the update. Not to mention super buggy. The older version was so much more user friendly and was one of the reasons I chose to do all my work in this software. Im not trying to take a semester course on how to use the functions that I had no issues with a few weeks ago. Would be interesting though to see how many people actually find this new version easier, better, and faster……

What is it that you can’t do or have to do differently compared to the old version that makes your workflow more complex?

@Shaun for example has given us really great actionable feedback, and we are shipping solutions to all of his problems with the next release.


Istvan, please take a look at some of the latest comments in the thread here as well. @Justin074 and I have been discussing a way to help perhaps organize things a bit easier for older users of the program.

This confuses me. If I select “Bodies” in the filter, the sketches no longer appear in the list, but I can still see them in my drawing. The only way to hide them is to explicitly hide them one by one.