Delete Sketches after creating a body

I’ve been using shapr for a couple of years on my iPad. With the new updates I’m finding the list of items in my files is getting out of hand. There are many sketches that remain around but I can’t remove them because that’ll destroy the body they were used for creation. I don’t like this big mess of old sketches causing to to scroll around looking for the bodies I want.
Is there a way to detach the sketch from the body?
Maybe you could add something like 3dsmax where I can “collapse” a mesh’s stack and then be freed of all the history?
I really enjoyed the simplicity of shapr but now find these extraneous sketches distracting and unnecessary. Thank you.


You can display “Bodies” only in the Items list and that will hide the sketches from view if you don’t want to use them.

You might also consider creating folders in the Item list and organize your bodies however is most useful to you. Maybe move the sketches to their own folder.

I do suggest that you spend a little time if you can to learn about some of the new things you can do with sketches. They are a lot more powerful and useful now, and just ignoring may cause you to miss out on some helpful features.


Thanks Steve. I never used that filter at the top. All Items —> Bodies. Great tip. Right now I am putting my sketches in a single folder to keep them out of the way. I do want to be open minded to new workflows but right now I don’t see the power in leaving the sketches around. Is there one specially useful thing I can do by keeping them all? I do need to give the history undo a proper going over.

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Hi Ted,

One useful thing you can do is change a body by changing the sketch. Say you extrude a sketch and later learn it should be a different dimension. Easy way is to change the sketch. Maybe you cut a hole into a piece by extruding (subtraction) and then want to change the position or size of the hole, all you need to do is move or resize the circle.

It is really easy and powerful.

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All of these features were available before, you just selected the relevant parts of the body and altered as needed. As another iPad user, having all the sketches kept as a “just in case it needs modifying in the future” is actually less convenient. Files take up even more RAM to process now than before when sketches could be deleted to save some of that computing power.

This update seems way more targeted for Mac or PC users and ignores the functionality of the original iPad users, which was the unique function this program had in the beginning. If that’s the case I wish they could revert for just iPad OS and keep the new update for Mac and PC.

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This is not true. Thanks to the optimizations that we made as part of this release, the memory consumption of the application has actually decreased compared to the previous versions.

Shapr3D works almost exactly the same as it worked before with the major difference being that instead of deleting sketches you should hide them.

From a technical perspective this may be what the analysis shows, but as a user I upgraded to a brand new top of the line iPad just to run Shapr better just a few months ago and since the update it has gotten significantly slower. For reference my daily screen time is 14-16hrs a day with 98% of that being in Shapr so these changes have become very noticeable.

Simply saying “This is not true” does not discount what is actually happening in real time for users like me. Complex assemblies that would load in 2 min before now take upwards of 5 min. Selecting and moving parts or faces the lag is longer. Isolation mode is about half as slow as with the entire model.

I understand your desire to defend your product, I loved the version prior to the update. I just don’t think customers should be discounted outright. These are simply real world examples of my experience with the app before and after the update.


Hi Alex,

Well, I disagree. How about changing a spline to change the profile of a body later. Or have you ever finished a project with chamfers and fillets to go back to change the size; and when you do you first have to delete the fillets, and sometimes can’t easily, and spend too much time trying to make a bigger or smaller model? Recently I needed to change a thread from being a right hand (normal) thread to left hand, for the screw and the part it screwed into. That required changing one parameter.

If you haven’t you should follow some tutorials. I like Claas Kuhnen’s style.

BTW, I use iPad. I was not a CAD person prior to Shapr3D, only dabbling with alternatives that didn’t work for me (or way too expensive). And it did take some time to adjust, but then again, I wanted to learn the new ways. Now, I still use direct modeling as well as history. I can hardly wait for parameter tables (or whatever they will be called).


Hello @Bob3DPO

I can agree on something like altering splines or more organic features that it’s incredibly useful and powerful. And I’ve also had that issue with chamfers (not as much fillets) when altering a body, it’s just become a part of the program i was used to. It’s actually still not adjusting the chamfers to match, but then again that’s on pre-update parts. I always found creative solutions to doing things like you described, make a cylinder, split the body, mirror the threaded part, realign and merge. 30 seconds and it’s fixed. It was a quirk of learning the program the first time around, I just wish I didn’t have to “re-learn” how to work basic functions.

I’ll take a look at some of the tutorials you linked when i have some time, thank you.

Why do you feel that you can’t do this anymore?

Another incredibly useful feature that you can do with sketches now that you can’t with just bodies, is use constraints. Since the sketches are now connected (Live) they can also be Direct Modeled. You can select any or all of the sketch elements and move or change them and get immediate visual feedback — while constraints prevent you from accidentally altering any important dimensions.


@Istvan never said I couldn’t, was just addressing how those problems were fairly easily solved before.

What makes it harder now? We’d love to fix it.

@Istvan It’s not so much that it’s harder, its that it was such a drastic change compared to the old version that it will take a lot of time to get used to. And for those of us that came from more complex progams to Shapr learning the ins and outs over the past few years it’s the abruptness of having to re-learn our entire workflows to make use of the changes.

I did see your new post saying that there will be an option coming soon to revert to at least being able to delete sketches. I think that’s a major thing that a lot of people would love to have. Hoping that update is sooner rather than later.

The only thing I asked about the new history collapse feature is that it be reversible.

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I’m sure it might be me having to get used to the parametric update, but i find my workflow halved in speed and constantly interrupted from unwanted connections between sketches and bodied. I often create sketched to quickly make a shape to subtract, or sometimes simply instead of creating a work plane.
I do not want to keep those sketches. Especially when working on a copy of the original, it makes it very difficult to separate the models. I wish I could basically “rasterize” a model or in some way disconnect it from the original sketch. I’ve seen people recommend exporting and re-importing the model to get around it, which is just ridiculous!
At the very least I’d like it, when highlighting a sketch, to also highlight the solid body it affects. Several times I’ve finished a project and wanted to “clean up” my workplace, deleting excess models and sketches, only to realize it’s totally messed up my final project.
Please do something to make this more intuitive.

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Is a collapse feature coming? If so, that would address many of the issues I’m struggling with.

Being able to select a body and then hit “collapse”, removing any history or ties to a sketch, would allow for the cleanup and return to simple model manipulation that many of us miss from the original workflow of this product.

I have a similar feeling as Agnethe when using the app now.

I asked for an update from the team in another thread but haven’t heard anything directly from them. Said 2 weeks nearly 3 weeks ago, supposedly another week according to another user.

They did a stealth update a few days ago, dunno how far it went, don’t think it was much, but I now no longer have red labeled parts.

No, it’s not easier. You’re saying to go back, find the sketch, then change the sketch and watch the magic change in the model. How about just move or resize the hole in the model? I hate this update so much. I use to create 2 sketches on the same plane and if I wanted to separate them into 2 separate sketches, I could simply select 1 and offset it with the move tool. I can’t even do that now. I select the sketch layer and all the sketches are selected regardless if I offset them. How about a button that turns this new “super powerful” feature off! Shapr3D use to be fun to work with and I use to model stuff just for fun when not working. Now, I dread it and started using Lightwave again. This major update was forced down our throats. It is a major change in the way I work, and it’s not helpful at all. There should be a way to turn it off. With Lightwave, you pay once and own it. Shapr3D is a lease, unless a new update can turn off linking a model with a sketch, I won’t be renewing my lease. So very disappointed, and sad. You software guys have to keep tweeking things. It was perfect the way it was. Maybe add just add colors to the layers.

You can still use direct modeling and have you updated to 5.620?