Is there a public schema for the SHAPR file format?

I’m wondering if there exists a schema for the shapr file format, it would be nice if I could analyze and maybe transform my exported files with some kind of scripting.

Hi @Berci, No there isn’t. It’s a zipped SQLite database and a separate file for drawings, but the SQL schema changes over time, and it’s not publicly documented. In the SQLite database you’d find Parasolid files and some other stuff. What do you want to build? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick answer! I was thinking about being able to programmatically query exported files about the items they contain, maybe export it into Excel to create some sort of bill of materials. This was just a quick idea and I’m just trying to look up how feasible it is

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Not impossible at all. Check out the format, the SQLite schema is straightforward to read.

Thank you! No promises :smiley:

If you manage to build something, definitely let us know :slight_smile:

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Then, the only thing that is left open is the format of the BLOB in ShapeData [Shapes] :slight_smile: Would be interesting to know - but completely understandable if kept closed.
Nice structure btw.! (using SqLite)

Those are simply Parasolid bodies, in Parasolid format. But please note that this structure might completely change in the future, it’s not guaranteed that it will stay like this.

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