What are the parameters for exporting files

What are the parameters when I need to export a part from a main file with multiple pieces and folders. Do I need to delete all unwanted files first, in order to keep from copying the unwanted as well.

The main file has 1195 bodies in it, it takes a while to open up. I have been trying to divide the file into smaller files, but the hidden files seams to follow with the visible files.

Hello @Past1320, exporting options usually depend on the software you export from. In some software you export only the bodies which are selected when you hit export, other software has an export selected option where you can select what exactly you would like to export.
What is the software you export from?

I’m just trying to create a smaller file in Shapr3D it self, I am trying to make sure only the files I have visible will export.

Oh, I get it. You do not need to delete anything for filtered export, it is enough to hide the unwanted items. When exporting from Shapr3D there will be an option for Include Hidden Items. If the toggle is turned off, just the shown models will be exported.