Converting files into shapr

So I previously had a CAD engineer who used solid works, and have realised most of his files are in SLDPRT SLDASM and haven’t got a clue to how to bring these into Shapr3d

Also I can easily bring in step files but they instantly slow the program down as the files are huge yet simple drawings (x10) is there any way of bring it into shape and lowering the file size of it, tried just reporting it as spar file and then bring back in but that doesn’t work

You can open it directly in Shapr3D, just like STEP.

With which version of SOLIDWORKS were these files created?

The latest, it was part of subscription from solid solutions
SolidWorks Professional Enhanced Subscription

Any help on this? i have loads of files that I need to access but haven’t got a clue how to on shapr ?

Please contact our support team directly. If you can share the file confidentially, we can take a look at the issue.