Is there a way to add edge loops along a shape or face?


I am new to Shapr3d and I like it. One thing I’m trying to figure out is how to add edge loops along a face or shape. For example, If I have a cube and I want to add edge loops to equally divide the shape into quarters and then make those loops wider or slimmer so when viewed in profile the shape would look like a mountain range (peaks and valleys), is it possible to do this?


You are looking for the offset tool I think.

Thank you for the quick response, I appreciate your help. I have been working with the offset tol per your suggestion, but I do not believe it to be what I am asking about. Apologies that I was unclear. Please see the two attached images.

The first is just the basic cube. The second is a mockup of what I would like to do. I drew lines on each face of the cube, but none of them are joined. I was wanting to be able to create these joined lines all the way around the cube so I can extend them outward or push them in towards the center of the cube. Basicallly, a line all the way around the cube that is joined, selectable, and moveable

With the offset too, I was able to drag inward, trim two sides of the inner square, and drag the two parallel line end points to the edge of the cube on each face, but was unable to join all of these points. Pleas let me know if I am not being clear enough in explaining what I’m trying to accomplish…

Thank you again for all of your assistance,

Can you show a quick sketch of the shape you want to create?