Offset edge tool not working on curved edge

video and title says it all! Thank you

  • Barry

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Thanks again

You should be able to upload the video now

Hmmm it’s too big. Please take a look here:

Thank you,

Hey Barry - there are no 3D sketches in Shapr3D.

What do you want to do with that line? - maybe we can figure out a workaround.

Hi Daniel!

Right - I’m trying to offset an edge. It works on one edge, but not on the next segment of the edge

I need to offset the edge so that I can create a lip that is part of a snap fit joint.


Hi Barry,

We have created a video for you (@CadTamas to be specific :slight_smile: ) - based on a similar body to yours, hopefully this can get you stated.

Let me know if it does


Woah - very similar body! I’ll watch in full later today and report back.

Thanks Daniel!

Yep - that’s the ticket! Thank you again for the help. Case closed!

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Beautiful solution, thanks for your input.

Thank you @CadTamas. Very nice demo for the solution.