Is there a way to separate sketches

Is there a way to separate my sketches, I can create a sketch which is fine then I exit the sketch. Now my dilemma is when I go back to create a new sketch it keeps adding to my original sketch. How can I separate my sketches in to different folders or even different files, so I don’t have all of my sketches show up at one time.

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Hi! I am sorry to tell you, but currently, there is no way to separate sketches that placed on the same plane. Every sketch element will be added to the sketch on the specific plane.

Please note that as Shapr3D is a direct modeling software, there is no connection between the sketches and the bodies made from the sketches. If you do not need a sketch, you can remove it from the workspace.

If I used the “Add tool” and did a “add construction plane” and created my sketches on a new construction plane each time would this give me the ability to file them as needed. Is there a way to separate the existing sketches on to new construction planes.

Yes, Project them the a new plane. Simply create a parallel plane (offset) and select the elements of your drawing and project them to the plane.


I’ve encountered the same problem today and came across this question.

For beginners like me, could someone explain what does this mean exactly please?

What is a “direct modeling software”? Why does it necessitate that all sketches on the same surface or plane must be combined? Do other CAD tools have the same limitation?

It means that once you lofted or otherwise manipulated a sketch into a body/ part, changing the sketch has no affect on that body.

I believe that is changing with the Parametric version of Shapr which is still in beta? In the beta version I have deleted lines in my sketch to have my body disappear so…

Direct modeling is a blessing to me really. Parametric can be so frustrating and tends to fail you more often. The thing is you can create multiple parts from a sketch. Parametric changes that (I think). The way to get around the single sketch plane is to create new construction planes to sketch on. They can be rotated and moved and serve just as well as the main sketch.

All new users get parametric version by default as I can understand. So it’s not so in beta already.

That’s just a different way of thinking when you’ll get used to you’ll understand that parametric much more powerful way of modeling.

You can make as many bodies from one sketch as you want. But all that bodies will depends on futuere changes in that sketch, so it’s like component you make changes in one place and changing all bodies at the same time.

In the same time parametric modeling gives you ability to make fully changeable models. For example you modeled a table for some one, with 800 cm width, but this person changed his mind and ask you to make 750 cm width table, all you need to do is change one number in project and everything will be recalculated. And this is very simple example.

I, personally, wouldn’t even start using shapr3d if it doesn’t have parametric version already.

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I requested this more than 4 years ago !
Still waiting for this and mandatory fixes of many other buggs and flaws…