Any chance there’s something in the works to make sketches a real pro level tool? By that I mean allowing separate sketches layers using the same plane? Every time I try to give Shapr3D a try again the terrible sketching features send me back to my computer and real CAD software.

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Hi @Andrewski, why is it a workflow blocker for you?

I’m having this same problem. Example: In order to loft several profiles with guides, I think there is a need to isolate the sketches from one sketch layer so that unused sketches (for the loft, in this case) don’t get in the way of the action. Mine errors out sometimes because of sketches (some actually touching) the operation. Hope that makes sense, but I’m willing to expound on this - even sharing my screen experience.

In all, a user should be able to start new - separate - sketch sets on the same plane. Without other sketches complicating the manipulation. Seems there is no way to “start” a new sketch on a default plane without inadvertently linking it to sketches already residing there.

I agree with this 100% how can you create multiple bodies if every time the sketches lay on top of each other. It seems to that this could be resolved by at the very least being able to put the sketches not needed on a layer or even being able to hide them so they do not show up when sketching on the same plane to old ones are on.

Thank you

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