Is there any Annotate tool?

Hello there,

I just start to use Shapr3D and It’s amazing tool.
Unbelievable how many things can be done so easily.

But to my question. Is there any annotate tool similar to one from Blender? Some kind of marker I can use to sketch quickly some lines just for reference?
Or if it’s planned to be in future?

Thank you

Hi @Foolscreen, I’m really happy to hear that :slight_smile:

We din’t have an annotate tool, but have you tried creating a dimensioned drawing?

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Thanks for fast response.
This feature is pretty nice, sadly I don’t have business subscription, jet.
And it is also something else that what I mean.
This is final technical sketch, but I meant something like quick drawing like marker into model to do some lines which I can lately use like references for precise work.

Something like this:

Why not use the Image Capture feature, then capture the image you want, then draw on that image using the iPad markup function?


Thank You for an idea.
This is how I made those two pictures.
It is good way. But This isn’t use of that tool.
Maybe I am explaining it poorly.

There I found some video, which explains it better way. I did not watch it till the end, but I think it shows what it does.

Maybe it is useless here in Shapr3D, I just use it a lot in Blender so that’s why I’m asking.

The video explains your desire well.

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:slightly_smiling_face: thanks, and do You think it’s useful here in Shapr3D?
I think I will find use for that.
Maybe I can use spline for that or something.