Is there a way I can make notes? Sometimes I need to make a note about a body, line, or point and would like to be able to attach it to that piece somehow. A sticky note like in word, or maybe a place within the sketch or body folder?

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Hi, currently there is no in-app note feature.

A rough workaround can be to place a screenshot of your design by the side using the iPad OS split screen feature
Use the markup feature to take notes on the image while designing your model

I have a pro version, but my icons don’t seem to match your videos. For instance I don’t have a pencil icon, while you do in your videos. Do I need to download a different or newer version I have 3.34.0



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Hi Alex,

To display the pencil
Go to the iPad Settings page
Scroll down to Shapr3d and tap on it
Toggle on the “Display pencil and touches” option

We made some UI improvements and some advanced tutorial videos still have the old UI.
You can refer to the in-app Tool videos as shown in the attached screen recording or reach out to us via with your questions

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