Issue with changing size of parts of an extruded, scaled object


I am brand new to Shapr3D, after deciding that I needed to move on from Tinkercad. I am trying to make a basic shape, however, when I extruded it and scaled the top, the channels on the side, are no longer 1/8 inch as I have intended them to be. They are the correct size at the bottom, but not at the top. How should I change the size of these channels? If they can’t be changed, how should I make the model differently?

Thanks in advance.

if i understand correctly you need the loft tool. you can even specify the guide curves (or rails as they’re called in other apps) if they’re not just straight lines.

I would add those channels as the last step, so first create the bottom and top, and then add these using the 4 edges.

You can also calculate the angle you want the sides to have, and already set the angle while extruding, which will keep the channels the same size. Scaling will scale everything on that face, including these.

Even with straight lines you may not get what you want, especially if you’re going between polygons with a different number of sides. I just completed a project where I was lofting a triangle to a ring segment (four points are defined) and got some strange results. I had to add straight guide lines between the points I wanted to define the loft.

but those are the same number of sides, 12 on each plane. do i miss something?

It’s not the number of sides but the number of vertices. Triangles are three vertices. The ring segment is four vertices (in CAD). What happens is that two of the vertices from the ring segment get implied guide lines to the same triangle vertex.

i meant that in the original question there are 12 sides on each plane. it’s the very same shape at the top and the bottom. OP has a problem of changing proportions because they used scaling. i recommended to use the loft tool so they can keep the size of the cutout consistent along the sides.

left: extrude + scale
right: loft

orthographic view: