Loft tool help

Hello!, I’m trying to understand the new loft Tool. I’m trying to make car chassis’ that are more organic. However all attempts fail, tool sends an error. So I assume I’m doing it wrong. Any tricks or tutorials to help?. I checked the shapr3d tutorial but something still isn’t clicking :confused: ( the very quick handle one). Thanks for any help :pray:

Hoping for patches-nurbs … pretty please!!! :heart:

Here you go, I drew two small loft examples:

Thank you!, so basically you start with a closed shape, end with one and use 4 splines for sides?. Are there limitations on the guide splines?. Can you add more or less guide splines?.

The ends though are flat, can you loft the end like this?

Thanks for your help :).

It works with 3 cross section

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Oh great!, Thankyou!