Issues and suggestions

So I have been diving in to Shapr over the last month and noticed some quirks, bugs and other things.

First off, when you click the dimension box in the upper right to bring up the units, etc menu, you have to tap to get rid of it. usually I just try to immediately scale or move the model, however the menu doesn’t go away. I would like to see that menu vanish if you drag one or two fingers on the work area. Right now you have to specifically tap.

At certain angles the arrow blocks the units display. I think the distance might need to be altered a bit so it can be visible no matter where you look at it from.

Everytime I take a screenshot via the ipad this window pops up… every… damn… time. Please make it where that won’t keep popping up.

I was trying to use a midplane to bisect a Body. However when I double tap the surface and it goes into “2d” mode, the midplane disappears. There should be a visible line of some sorts so you can line up certain things.

Finally, tonight I had my model freak out and reposition itself randomly up off the workplane/ grid. This occured after using “section view”. I could not get it to reposition back to the workplane. Even using “translate” put it at a weird angle. I had to manually reposition it, which isn’t exactly accurate. This is not the first time the program has done this. The other weird thing is the transform/move/scale tool appeared REALLY far away from the model. (didn’t get a photo of that)

I would like to see a way to drop a body to the workplane/ floor. Line it up with the XYZ axis if something gets off like this.

That’s all for now.

Thanks - we will take a look at the potential improvements, and please when you ever encounter the displacement issue, please try to record it, and send us the file.

I can’t recreate it so it would be hard to record. I suspect it’s due to the behavior of moving the workplace when using the section view.