Issues with models and edges; need help

I did some tuts and ended op with not being able to create the rounded corners according to the shapr tutorial. I also have the weird issue with the texture. Now it might be me but even if so I’m not sure why this is happening. I do have more issues so it might be a bug? I have no way to ask shapr so maybe someone here can help/

Hello @Msdp1! You have two bodies on top of each other: a grey one with a sharp corner and a red one with a filleted corner.

Did you use some boolean tools (Union, Subtract, Intersect)? When you are in the tool, there is an option to keep the originals which may be turned on in your case, and duplicate the elements. Please check the Items Manager to find the overlapping parts.


Aaah got it! Thanks. Don’t really know how this happened but at least I found the issue. Thanks very much.