Unexpected error

Hi @all,
I have a unexpected error during this shape.
May be you have an Idear?

The Holder to the basket
(round) are not connected after print. In all views incl. cura you see they are connected.

HOPE the picture show the problems.
During create, same function like substract and union don’t work.
Now I can’t select a solid object …only surface and lines are possible to select.

While print, the open from top is completed filled…

Did you import this model, or did you create it in Shapr?

I do it 100%in shapr…

I try to add the shapr original file, but not possible. Shall I send per mail?

Yes, that would be helpful.

Hello , thank you.
I try to send per mail, but data is too big.
Do you have a Dropbox for exchange big data?

Until that time I create it completed new.
Same problems occurs.

I can’t print it, cause the holder and the round shape are not possible to united.

The rounded corners are lost again?

The look into same long holes shows same problem. The “wall is not fill”

Do you have any idear?

This must be some kind of nasty bug, can you upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox?

Sent you a link to a gdrive folder where you can upload the file.

Hello, agin,

I send you a link for dropbox to download the files, to your mailadress.

This is the first verion , wich causes the error of not connected "holder…
See first picture of this case the print .
In the next version, I noted that there is no support material added the the print.
I make now too pic form cura software to show the problem.

This is the Cura view of Lisa-holder-error.shapr

The version 2 that I create, make the problem that cura don’t want to make support Material.

This are errors that I raly never seen before.
Without support, the print wont be work and all my work is gone.

Hope relay you can help me,
By the way: The second Version wont be “Union”…
Shapr itselve hade same crash during the Union command.

Hope on help…

Ii haven’t received the link, can you double check it please?

Hi Istvan,
I send data again to your gbox link.
Please check this…

Es grüßt Sie aus Bottrop

Peter Basista

Thanks , I will take a look soon.

Dear Istvan,
I write you now directly.
I have lot of heavy problems with the Programm.
One, two errors I post in the community.

Last days I try agin to make a simple model.
It fails again.
First I create body, this works perfect.
Than the problem start.

The corner rounding was difficult and is not perfect.
After make it fine, I need to substract a block (yellow scatch) that I extrude longer as the create solid.
Than I use the substract feature to substract the solid block.
The first after execute the command was: the block was still visible?
Ok, I guess to Delete the block, to see what happened.
After delete the blocK, I found that the substract was done.
But there is still a remaining part in don`t need. The part I can select, but delete is not possible.

Later I make Test construction.
In this Test substract command work fine.
See next picture.

Every time I constract a object, I have problems I dont understand. Whatt is the problem? My kind of work? My arrangement of steps?


I attached date again.

Es grüßt Sie aus Bottrop

Peter Basista

Kabelforapple.shapr (2.07 MB)


I had a busy weekend, but today I will look into these issues.

Hi, István,
Thank you for your reply.
I’m happy to hear that you have time for me.
If you need same more info, do not hesitate to contact me.
I know how complicate it can be to analyses this complex issues.
Nice greeting to , where ever you are😀

Es grüßt Sie aus Bottrop

Peter Basista

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OK, so here is the issue with the second model:

There is an invalid wall there, with 0 thickness, this makes the solid shape invalid, this is why the boolean operation fails. How did you create that shape?

Second one is just a suggestion, unless you intentionally want to have different chamfer values on edges, I would suggest to apply the chamfer to multiple edges with a single operation, by selecting multiple edges and chamfering them. This is true for fillets as well.

Let me take a look on the other model.

I still don’t see the other file in the google drive :frowning:

Dear István,

Thank you for you hint.
This was clear to me, cause the remaining part is not existing before.
Now I see that all my drawing are with same problem, based on the substract command.

I create first the wall 1…move them high in Z
Than I create 2 bottom for wall…Move high inZ
Than I create hole of 4mm Diamter in bottom by drawing from bot on that surface
Than I create stand with nice revolve tool.
After all I unite all parts to one. I notice that the parts are still with small line separated . Part1-2…

after this I make rounding of corner…
Last I create side open…and substract it…

If you do again you see more 0 dimension shape.
My personality opinion : the mathematic must have a mistake.

If I do again , you can see what I mean. Outside of both shape there is still left same solid with 0 dimension.

I try to send drop box inviting again to you account of email.

Do you think a solution will be next time?

This 0 problem is existing in all my drawings…

Es grüßt Sie aus Bottrop

Peter Basista

Can you provide me the file before the subtraction?

Sorry, the origins file I don`t have any more.
I found no possibility to copy a file.

Do you got file Lisa-Holder? Now?

In this file i have this problem many times.
After find this problem during subtraction I see what the problem is.
I use in the round shape the Funktion to open the "longholes"
Same on the side holder …
In the creation flow, I have error from substract Funktion.
Basic fact seems to be a mathematic error for Boolean operation.
I wonder that it always happen in my work.

Today I try to make Lisa holder 3 time.
After eatch step I check it…again and again…

I’m frustrated by work until now. I work so hard on the Lisa holder…

With thinkercad this kind of error Never comes up.

Please: what I have to do to stop subscription ?
My plan was" test one month, than join for 12 month"
But now, until this problem isen`t solved, I can’t work with this tool.
I think it is a great tool, handling, possibility of creation , every Funktion is great.

Thank you, hope you can find a solution.

With best regards from germany

Es grüßt Sie aus Bottrop

Peter Basista