Items panel renaming bugs?

I am on 5.520.6160.0 #1615982e on a Windows PC.

First, when renaming items in the Items panel, I right-click and select Rename. If I want to append something to the front of the name, I click the left arrow and the cursor moves to the beginning of name. If I press the left arrow again, whether by accident or stupidity, it exits the renaming process and the next keystroke, which is what I’m trying to append to the front of the name, oftentimes executes a command in the project window.

Is this the expected behavior? It does not exit the rename command if you are at the end of the name and press the right arrow again.

Second, when trying to move items down the Items panel to change the order or put them into folders, when you grab an item and attempt to move it to the bottom of the list, the list does not automatically scroll. instead you have to drop the item your moving, scroll the list to the bottom, pick the item back up and finish the move.

Is this by design? In typical Windows applications the list will scroll when you hover over the last visible list item.

Also, would it be possible to map the Windows rename key of F2, to also activate the rename feature in the Items panel?

Hey jcclow!

Thanks for raising these issues to us!
About the first, could you please open a support ticket .
About the second issue, we will try to find a solution sometimes in the near future.

Hey aronb…thanks for the reply.

I have opened a support ticket per your suggestion.