I’ve been working on a project that contains over 500 individual solid objects, in the old items/groups I could create a group and then quickly highlight each object to add to this group. This was super useful when I only wanted to name the assembly only, opposed to naming every screw,washer etc. It seems the new item and folder setup does not allow this and the only option is to name each individual object to identify what it is and then drag each part into a folder. This method is extremely time consuming and I’m hoping the old feature wasn’t abandoned and I’m just unaware of how to do this with the new version. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Daves, welcome to the Shapr3d community forum. Currently you can only add objects to a folder by dragging and dropping them into the folder. A rough workaround will be to first create a folder and have it opened before modeling the objects, the objects will be saved and arranged in the opened folder. We keep trying to improve the Item feature and feedback from users like yours is always welcome. I also have passed on your feedback to our development team.

Hi Daves, actually we are reintroducing that feature soon.

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